About us

Specialized in engraving and jewelry since three generations, ACCAOUI family knew how to stand out and engrave its name in history.

All started in 1918 with Halim ACCAOUI, the grand-father, specialist in hand-engraving, and well known for his talents of engraving the portraits of great personalities, such as the portrait of Franklin Roosevelt. He is also the one who offered to the Saudi Arabian King, Abdel Aziz Al SAOUD theThrone Verse. In return, the King offered him the traditional royal costume.

Being a producer and a well-known artist in Raad& Hani Market, Halim ACCAOUI suggested to his Majesty, the King of Egypt, through the Grand Vizier, two golden jewels upon which, the name of her Majesty Princess Fadia, was engraved on the first, and the Throne Verse on the second.

His work was so accurate that his Majesty the King of Egypt appreciated it. The Grand Vizier, Tarek Omar Fathi, addressed him the following words:

“ I had the honor to submit to his majesty, the gift you gave me while I recently visited Lebanon, and have the pleasure to convey his praise”. This was published in an article in Al-Nahar, a daily newspaper, in 1944.

Abdallah ACCAOUI took the binding in 1954. Gifted for trade and well known for his professional engraving talents, he was also known for his kindness and efficiency. Due to his preciseness, he produced a Koran, entirely hand engraved with gold, which was offered as a present to the Lybian President Idris Sanouth. He also produced cufflinks to many personalities, among which the great box Champion, Mohamed Ali Kley, the President of Lebanon, Souleiman Franjieh and the Emir Majid Erslan.

The descendants carried on with the family tradition and its know-how, engraving and jewel art since 1993.

Drew up by Issam ACCAOUI.